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Weekend Getaway in the Catskills

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Sometimes it's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a night or two. I took a little trip up to the Catskills with my boyfriend, Tom, and went glamping in a tiny house, here's how it went:

10:30am- Left New Paltz, hopped on the Thruway and headed toward the Catskills.

11:30am- Katerskill Falls: It was a little too cold to hike, but Katerskill Falls is a popular waterfall and I'm not in the Catskill area that often, so we took a detour to see the Falls. It was definitely worth it. It was so beautiful and there was a great view of the mountains.

12:30pm- Lunch at New York Restaurant: Homemade soda and delicious burgers, what more could we want!

1:30pm- Grocery shopping to get dinner: We wanted something that we could cook over the fire, so we got steak, vegetables, and potatoes.

2:30pm- Arrived at our Getaway House: Tiny houses and cabins have become very popular over the past few years and the company Getaway House has expanded tremendously. When I heard they were building an outpost in the Catskills, I knew I had to book a stay! The cool thing about Getaway House is it's very secretive, you don't know the exact location of where you're going until a few days before and the tiny cabin is stocked with everything you need including games, books, firewood, snacks and a s'mores kit!

3:00pm- Start fire: The tiny house comes with wood and a fire starter. We started our fire early so we could do it before it gets dark.

6:30pm- Cook dinner: Our steak and vegetable were so good! We had onions, tomatoes, and steak on a skewer and we also had some potatoes for a starch. The smoky flavor from the fire made it even tastier.

7:30pm- After dinner festivities: Drinking wine and playing card games. This was honestly my favorite part. We laughed a lot, listened to good music, drank delicious wine, and had a great time. I felt so stress free at this moment and like nothing else mattered except being in the moment.

11:00pm- Bedtime: At this point we were exhausted from being out all day and were ready for bed.

9:30am- Homeward bound: After a well-rested sleep, it was time to pack up and head home.

Weekend getaway trips are so much fun and a great way to escape the stresses and responsibilities of life . This trip allowed me to disconnect from the outside world (literally there was no TV's, wifi, and the cell service wasn't very good) and allowed me to enjoy nature and spend quality time with the person I love.

I hope this inspires you to plan a relaxing weekend getaway.

-Hudson Valley Gal

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