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My Favorite Things: Fall Edition

Happy Fall! Fall is the best season. The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and there are so many fun fall activities to do. Keep reading to find out my favorite things this fall season.

1) Chobani Oat Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer

I'm usually a tea drinker, but this Fall I have been loving pumpkin spice lattes. Many PSL creamers are really high in sugar so I try to stay away, but I found this Chobani plant based creamer with only 3g of sugar and it is delicious.

2) Nespresso Machine

I wouldn't be able to make a PSL without my Nespresso Machine. Making lattes at home is a game changer because I save so much money and time not having to go out and get a coffee.

Amazon - $134

3) White Pumpkin Candle

Nothing says fall better than a fall-scented candle. White Pumpkin smells absolutely amazing. This particular candle is from Marshall's (my favorite store), but you can probably get a white pumpkin scented candle at any store that sells fall decor.

4) Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream and Sugar Lip Scrub

As winter approaches, I need to change my self-care routine slightly because my skin needs more moisturizer during the winter months. Farmhouse Fresh is a great company located in Texas that has natural skin products and their Whoopie Cream hand lotion smells like a birthday cake.

Whoopie Cream - $15

Lip Polish - $15

5) Decorative Fall Pumpkins

These velvet, plush fall pumpkins are the perfect decor for fall!

Decorative pumpkins - $37.47

6) Fall Pjs

Lounge wear has become extremely popular over the past few months since so many people are working from home. I usually buy festive Christmas pajamas, but these festive fall pj's from Target are perfect for chilly mornings! They are super soft, comfortable, and affordable.

Target - $19.99

7) Butternut Squash Raviolis

Fall is the time to make soups, stews, and any recipe with squash in it. Rana Butternut Squash Ravioli's are really delicious and simple to make. I added spinach and mushrooms to add some more flavor and it is the perfect fall meal.

8) Bamboo Plant Shelf

I have hopped on the plant trend and am now a plant mom to 7 house plants. This bamboo plant shelf is perfect for keeping your plants organized and is a great decoration for any room.

Amazon $39.99

- Hudson Valley Gal

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