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How to Create a Vision Board

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage you create to help motivate you or to help you reach your goals. Vision boards are perfect for people who aren't the craftiest, but want to get creative. All you have to do is cut out words and photos that speak to you, stick them onto cardboard or paper and hang them up on your wall.

Why make a vision board?

Vision boards can inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. They are also a great way to get your ideas on paper.

How to make a vision board:

1) Gather your materials:


-Glue or Tape

-Construction Paper, cardboard, or a surface to glue your vision onto


2) Choose a theme for your vision board. Some ideas are:

-Future goals

-Motivating words and phrases

-Things you like


-Certain Aesthetic ex) Fall, Style

3) Look through magazines and cut out anything that stands out to you. This could be photos, words, quotes, people, places, activities, etc.

4) Lay out everything you cut out before gluing it down. This step is important because you want to organize your board and make sure everything fits how you want it before sticking it on.

5) Glue it down


Have fun crafting up your vision!

-Hudson Valley Gal

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